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XNS Coin Allocation

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What is Public Allocation?

The Public Allocation pool is reserved for all INS token holders (incl. Insolar team).

The Insolar network stabilization requires a gradual increase of XNS in circulation to match demand and supply. The release will commensurate with the growth of the Insolar MainNet usage and will be in compliance with regulations that require the release of the digital asset to be consistent with the asset's use and not facilitating a speculative market.

The Insolar team’s coins are included in the Public Allocation pool and subject to the same vesting schedule as all holders of INS (ERC-20 token).

What are Enterprise Incentives?

The Enterprise Incentives pool is reserved to incentivize enterprise customers to start using business applications running on the Insolar network. Insolar endorses enterprise customers to buy XNS from exchanges.

What are Network Incentives?

The Network Incentives pool is reserved to (i) reward coin holders for delegating coins (DPoS) and (ii) incentivize hardware providers (i.e. nodes) to join the Insolar MainNet to provide computing, storage and networking capacities.

What are Application Developer Incentives?

The Application Developer Incentives pool is reserved to incentivize application developers to create useful business applications (i.e. dApps) for enterprise customer in the Insolar MainNet.

What is Foundation?

The Foundation pool is reserved for future business development and ecosystem building initiatives to accelerate growth and development of the Insolar MainNet.

What are the release schedules for all types of allocations?

Public Allocation
3-year daily vesting for every portion of the INS tokens submitted for swap to the XNS coins. Migration period for the INS token holders is - ( months).
The vesting schedule formula
(3N ^ (x / N - 1)) / (Σ (1 .. N) { (3N ^ (x / N - 1)) } ) * INS Tokens * 10
Where x is a day from the start of migration
INS tokens is the amount of INS tokens sent for migration to XNS
is the amount of XNS to be received in a specific day (from day 1 till day 1,096)
N = 1096 is the number of days in the 3-year vesting period (2020-2023)
Network Incentives
Locked until the delegation staking is enabled, which is planned in H1 2020. The vesting period is 10 years.
Enterprise Incentives
The Enterprise Allocation pool is reserved to incentivize enterprise clients to start using applications running on the Insolar network. The vesting period is 3 years.
Application Developer Incentives
Locked until application developers have the functionality to build custom smart contracts, which is planned in late 2020. The vesting period is 10 years.
Locked until January 1, 2021. The vesting period is 10 years.

When does the swap from INS (ERC-20 token) to XNS (Insolar native coin) start and end?

Insolar Coin Swap starts on February 3, 2020 at 9:00AM UTC and ends on October 15, 2020 at 12:00PM UTC.

How can I swap from INS (ERC-20 token) to XNS (Insolar native coin)?

To learn how to swap INS (ERC-20 token) to XNS (Insolar native coin), please see the instructions.

What if I miss the swap period and don’t swap INS (ERC-20 token) to XNS (Insolar native coin) before October 15, 2020?

All INS (ERC-20 token) will be frozen and become non-transferable at 12:00PM UTC on October 15, 2020. If you miss the swap period and do not swap before October 15, 2020, you will not be able to transfer, trade, or make any other operations with your INS (ERC-20 token). We strongly recommend you initiate the swap before October 15, 2020.

Insolar Coin Swap Instructions

You must start the migration from INS (ERC-20) to XNS before October 15, 2020.
  1. 1. Create a Wallet

    Create a new Insolar Wallet.

  2. 2. Send your ERC-20 INS tokens

    When you are logged into your Insolar Wallet, you can find your personal migration address. Send your INS (ERC-20 token) to this address.

  3. 3. Receive your XNS coins

    Insolar MainNet will be alerted and you will receive your XNS coins on the deposit account in your Insolar Wallet within approximately 60 minutes. Visit your Insolar Wallet to see your deposit account and check your personal release schedule. Read more about the release schedule in the FAQ.

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