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What is Insolar?

Insolar is made up of three components:

1. Insolar Technologies - a company that builds DLT infrastructure and solutions for business.
2. Insolar Assured Ledger™ - a software developed by Insolar Technologies that can be deployed as a private or public DLT network.
3. Insolar MainNet - the main public network that will be deployed based on Insolar Assured Ledger™.

What is Insolar Technologies?

Insolar Technologies is an international company registered in Zug, Switzerland that develops DLT solutions and products for business. The team consists of over 80 specialists, of which 50 are engineers and researchers, located in the USA, Switzerland and other countries.

The base infrastructure layer for all Insolar solutions is Insolar Assured Ledger™, which was developed by Insolar Technologies’ engineering team.

Who is behind Insolar Technologies?

Insolar Technologies was created by a team of experienced professionals. The founders of the company have backgrounds in finance and tech, having received post graduate degrees from leading institutes such as Harvard Business School and the University of London, and formerly having worked for IBM and Goldman Sachs.

The founding team is complemented by a team of over 80 people, with unique tech experience in DLT and high-load systems. Their experience includes developing and implementing one of the largest P2B payment systems in the world, the roll-out of production-ready DLT solutions (insurance, contract lifecycle management, banking products, etc.) for one of the top five banks in Europe, and the development of enterprise and critical infrastructure security systems, with deployment of the systems across Fortune 500 companies globally.

Moreover, Insolar has a global research team of 10 prominent experts in DLT, including leading scholars who have conducted distinguished projects for organizations such as the UN and other governmental institutions. These academics have been nominated for awards for their work in the realm of DLT and conduct educational programs at leading universities worldwide, including: Berkeley University, York University, ETH Zurich, and others.

What is Insolar Assured Ledger™?

Insolar Assured Ledger™ is a software (or simply — a code) that can be used to deploy and run public and private DLT networks.

The code of Insolar Assured Ledger™ is developed by Insolar Technologies and is predominantly open source, meaning that anyone is able to deploy it within their own network for non-commercial purposes.

What is Insolar MainNet?

Insolar MainNet is a public DLT network built on top of Insolar Assured Ledger™, meaning that anyone is able to create an account and deploy a smart contract within the network. At the same time, node membership will be permissioned, meaning that there will be specific prerequisites for organizations or individuals who wish to deploy nodes.

Insolar MainNet was launched on February 3, 2020.

What is Insolar TestNet?

Insolar Testnet is a beta version of Insolar MainNet. All of the platform's key features are first deployed on Insolar TestNet and only then released on Insolar MainNet.


What are the core tech features for Insolar Assured Ledger™?

Insolar Assured Ledger™ has several industry-first key features, among them:

- Linear scalability
- Assured data
- Governance framework (via Domains)
- Security & access control
- Regulatory compliant data governance (GDPR, HER, HIPAA, EMR, and others)
- Hybrid network setups (public/private, permissioned/permissionless)
- On-chain data storage
- Compatibility with enterprise IT systems
- Interoperability with other DLTs
- Layered & modular architecture
- Advanced smart contracts
- Nodeless onboarding for apps and users
- Pluggable cryptography
- Advanced developer toolkit

You can read all about the Assured Ledger™ and its features on the platform page of our website.

Is Insolar Assured Ledger™ released under open source software license?

Insolar Technologies, the company behind Insolar Assured Ledger™, provides the platform as open source and has patents pending on several platform features in order to protect the platform and its users from patent squatters.

Insolar Technologies is fully responsible for the repository maintenance of Insolar Assured Ledger™ software and source code.

How does Insolar core team help with building solutions on Insolar?

Anyone is able to build solutions on top of Insolar Assured Ledger™.

Insolar Technologies offers three collaboration scenarios:

1. Custom development by the application development team of Insolar Technologies that can develop solutions on Insolar Assured Ledger™ for businesses in spheres where DLT brings value. These solutions are production-ready, full-scale applications with full-service support from Insolar Technologies.
2. Proprietary development of solutions on Insolar Assured Ledger™ with supervision from Insolar Technologies’ dedicated engineers that provide full support and expertise for external developers.
3. Education of external developers to enable them to create their own solutions on Insolar Assured Ledger™. As such, the Insolar team is also very active in the forums and Github, in addition to social media channels to respond ad hoc to specific queries that developers may have about creating a solution on Insolar Assured Ledger™. Moreover, Insolar also holds master classes, educational seminars and hackathons to demonstrate the use and capabilities of Assured Ledger™.

How is Insolar Assured Ledger™ maintained and updated?

Development of Insolar Assured Ledger™ is funded by investments raised by Insolar Technologies in end-2017. The Insolar engineering team is constantly updating Insolar Assured Ledger™. The latest version is available on Insolar Github page.


Is Insolar Assured Ledger™ a private or a public DLT?

Insolar Assured Ledger™ has hybrid capabilities, meaning that it can be used for public networks, private networks, or hybridized network formations.

How does Insolar Technologies relate to Insolar MainNet?

Insolar MainNet was launched by Insolar Technologies, meaning that it generated the Genesis block and initially owns all nodes within the network. However, as soon as Insolar MainNet security has been assured, external (not owned by Insolar) nodes will be able to join the network. This means that Insolar MainNet will be decentralized and not belong to Insolar Technologies. It will be governed by network participants that run nodes within Insolar MainNet, according to the rules that are laid in Insolar MainNet code.

Decentralization of Insolar MainNet and the deployment of external nodes is set to take place throughout 2020.

At the same time, Insolar Technologies will own a certain number of nodes within Insolar MainNet and have the same rights as other network stakeholders (nodes). The network will gradually become more decentralized as further external nodes are added.

Can I launch a network myself using Insolar Assured Ledger™?

Since 100% of the source code of Insolar Assured Ledger™ is made freely available, any non-commercial use of the source code is permitted for any purpose set out by the licensing. This means that individuals are welcome to deploy their own blockchains using Insolar Assured Ledger™.


Where can I get the latest news about Insolar?

You can keep up to date with all of the latest news from Insolar by joining our social media channels.

How can I contact the Insolar Technologies team?

You can contact the Insolar Technologies team via email at [email protected].

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